Multi-User License

We all know that getting training for your team can be difficult, and the need to pay individually for each employee who needs to be trained can be trained with even the most generous training budget.

Train your team for less

With multi-user licensing, companies of all sizes are free to transform what would usually be a single user CD-Rom training course into a powerful training tool for the entire organization. By purchasing a multi-user site library license, a networkable license, or multimedia learning solution, you can make this powerful CD-Rom based training available to those in your organization, through your company intranet.

Single PC License (Per-site or location, non-concurrent)

For small companies, and organizations with minimal training needs, this license provides you with the ability to install the training software on a single machine. train as many employees as you like using our training software, as long as they train one-at-a-time on one PC. This option works similarly to checking out a book from the library, and it allows your company to make the training library available on a single workstation which can be used by multiple employees. This option does not allow the training materials to be loaded on to a network drive or to the company intranet.

Users are also prohibited from copying the material, redistributing or reselling it. it does, however, allow companies to train an unlimited number of  employees using single dedicated workstation, without the expense the purchasing of additional licenses for the material. And best of all, this solution cost effective with the total price of the multi-user.

Networkable/Site Library License (Concurrent access)

The Networkable license is convenient scheme and a great solution for training multiple users concurrently using the company network. The course content is loaded onto a network drive which can be accessed by all connected workstations and all connected users. However, you cannot share the software online via the internet.

Academic License

You can get Academic license also and use our software in your institute. To get your academic license information contact us.
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