GCOC training is self paced and flexible

  • Students work at their own pace
  • Your computer can always match your schedule
  • You can access almost anywhere a computer can be located

GCOC training is extremely flexible. Classroom training requires a trainer, a room, material and enough learners to make the training to train all a full group of students. With GCOC training each student can access training exactly when it's needed at a time and location convenient for them. This means that no needs to leave your regular jobs or business work. No more need cancelled or postponed your business meetings or family fairs. Give your proper time to your family and work and take lessons from GCOC whenever you want to learn at your convenient place.

GCOC training is tireless and reduce training time

  • It never needs a break
  • It is always there
  • It can train greater number of students in a given time frame compare to other method of training
  • It meets the need for round-the-clock (continuous) training.

GCOC training also takes less time than traditional classroom instructional training. Studies have shown it to reduce training time per student by 40-60 percent. GCOC training never needs to complete the classroom group of students. So instead of sitting in a full-day training session where half of information is irrelevant and more wasting of time for you. where first you need to long wait to complete the classroom students strength and after that waiting for lecturer to take lectures. but in GCOC training you never need to any wait for lecturer or classroom strength. Students can focus on what's most important for them. Less time in training means more time to get spent with your family, friends and working life. Get GCOC training easily with your social life and apply the new skills on busy job & business work.

Another reason to choose GCOC training; efficiency is that people learn at different speeds. In a classroom, everyone proceeds at the same speed (usually determined by the lecturer) but with GCOC training, students can work through training at their own pace.

GCOC training increased knowledge retention

  • Student feels in control
  • The computer is non-judgmental and non-threatening. Its provides a privacy factor that reduces student' embarrassment about taking "remedial" classes or making mistakes while answering questions in the training materials.
  • The computer actively engages the student in the training process, providing increased student satisfaction.

Content retention is increased by engaging multiple senses (seeing, hearing, and doing) during the training process. The Knowledge gains realized with GCOC training don't require that learning and retention be sacrificed; in fact, learning retention is typically with GCOC training than it is with traditional classroom training. One reason for the increased retention is that students don't feel embarrassed to spend extra time on topics more difficult for them. Our learning program allow students to chart their own learning paths or to work through the training sequentially. This type of adoption which GCOC offering to individual learning needs simply isn't possible in a traditional classroom setting.

GCOC training is cost effective

  • You have 24 hours per day trainer
  • GCOC Training eliminate or reduce student travel.
  • GCOC training may also save your cost of accommodation if you come from other cities to learn in other traditional classroom institute.
  • Your total course cost can also be lessened.

Students can get training 24 hours per day on-site avoiding the need to travel. The cost of live on-site traditional instructional training has certain fixed-cost tuition fee, classroom expenses any travel fees and variable costs, such as student materials. when the costs of GCOC training compared with traditional classroom training for a student you will get clear difference of expense which you are paying for the course which you have choose.

it's easy to lose sight of training's true objective, which is to develop or modify skills. The objective of getting enough students in the classroom is often given priority over when and how the students are to apply what they've learned. By the time some of students have the opportunity to apply what was learned in the classroom, the skills might already be rusty. But with GCOC training, students can immediately apply and practice what they're ready to use it, not when the organization or institute is ready to provide it. Give less time to training means more time for practice and improve your qualities.

Many benefits you can get from our training according to your needs.

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